Profile Picture: Maarten Van Neyghem
Maarten Van Neyghem
Curriculum Vitae
Wetenschappen-Wiskunde (2012 - 2018)
Graduated with honors.
Academic Bachelor of Computer Science (2018 - 2021)
Ghent University
Discontinued in favor of a more practical program with more focus on web & mobile development.
Professional Bachelor in Electronics-ICT (2021 - present)
Specialisation in Web & Mobile Development.
  • Knowledge and experience with different programming languages:
    • JavaScript/TypeScript
    • Python
    • Java
    • Kotlin (Android Applications, Spring Boot)
    • SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite)
    • C/C++

  • Full-stack web developer in different programming languages and frameworks.
    • Frontend Frameworks: Vue, Nuxt, React, Next, Svelte & JQuery
    • Backend Frameworks: Express.js, Nest.js, Spring Boot & Flask
    • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL & SQLite 3
    • API Architectures: REST & GraphQL

  • Experience with system administration of (web) platforms:
    • Orchestration: Docker & Docker Compose
    • CI/CD: Jenkins, Travis & Github Actions
    • Operating Systems: Ubuntu & Arch Linux
    • Version Control: Git, Github & Gitlab
    • Other tools: NGINX, Let's Encrypt

  • Experience with working in team:
    • Open-source projects: working on multiple open-source projects in different teams.
    • School environment: working on multiple projects with other students.
    • Professional environment: working with a team of 5 to 10 people in an Agile/SCRUM environment.
Hobby Programmer (2012 - present)
Programming as a hobby in different programming languages, both solo or open-source team projects. A list of my projects is available on or on Github.
Web platform Oilsjt Mjoezik (2018 - present)
The complete development of the web platform for the Aalsterse Carnaval Radio: Oilsjt Mjoezik ( The original project was written in PHP and later rewritten in around 2 weeks using Vue (Nuxt) and Node.js (Nest.js). The platform uses a Directus admin panel to offer a user-friendly way of managing the data. The entire platform is deployed in docker containers and is automatically updated using a Jenkins CI/CD server.
Studentenjob ING (August 2018, July 2019)
Student job at the Virtual Assistant Services Squad of ING Belgium. This job consisted of building a small project around crowdsourcing trainingphrases for the chatbot Marie, during the first year, and developing a label tool for data anonymization, during the second year. This took place in an Agile environment, following the SCRUM model and working with the Sprint planning tool Service Now.
Zeus WPI (2019 - present)
Zeus WPI is the student association for Computer Science at Ghent University. Zeus has a lot of active projects for different purposes. I am activly part of this association and also contributing to their open-source project. More information and a full list of projects can be found on
Web platform Caepa Vestigia (September 2019)
Development of the website for the student association ( This project is written in Vue and Node.js and is deployed on a Ubuntu Linux server using Ansible.
Directus: Contributor (September 2020 - present)
Directus is an open-source real-time database-driven headless-CMS for managing SQL database content and is written in Vue & Node.js. It converts a relational SQL database to a REST & GraphQL API and provides a user-friendly Vue admin application to the end user for managing the database.
I am an active contributor to this project and part of the key contributors group (
UGent: Studium (July 2021 - November 2021)
Studium is an open-source platform for sharing study materials between students, developed by the Gentse Studentenraad for the University of Ghent. I was a member of the team that developed the platform. The platform is written in Vue (Nuxt) & Python Django.
Providing music on clubs, small events or private parties.
Swimming & running during the weekends.